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March 3rd was a discovery day for me around San Francisco
because I’ve never been to this city yet.
Firstly, I began the day by going to Fisherman’s Wharf in order to see the sea lions and walking around Pier 39. Unfortunately it was raining, therefore we couldn’t see them because we couldn’t reach the place where they’re standing. However, we walked a long time around Pier 39.
We reached the port by taking the cable car, which is a very original and unique means of transport that I never had taken before. Indeed, it is a big classic and an unavoidable thing to do in San Francisco. Riding Powell Street and go down on Fisherman’s Wharf by being hooked on one side was definitely a full attraction. Secondly, we went to Ocean’s Beach but one more time, we couldn’t enjoy fully the landscape, because there was a pretty bad weather at that time, but there was a really nice view once the sun rose down.
Finally, we went back home by visiting a bit the different boroughs, so we crossed through Chinatown, borough that i found really atypic, because it really seemd to be « a city in a city ». Finally we came back to the city-center crossing by Union Square and the Financial District, where we took the BART.

A little about me

Hello, My name is Laura Lévy and I'm 19 years old. I live in Paris and i'm in a second year of a Graduate School of Business and Management, the EBS Paris, which is situated just near the Eiffel Tower. I really appreciate the courses taught, and found them very interesting, especially all topics around finance : financial mathematiques, financial management or accounting. I'm very persuasive, determined and open-minded. Moreover i'm autonomous and able to work in a cosmopolitan and international professional context thanks to the trips i've made before and especially my 6 months internship in Madrid, where i was a saleswoman in a French brand of ready to wear. This experience is very meaningful to me and It was clearly the best I've ever known. I'm currently looking for a finance internship in Sydney, Australia for 6 months from February to July 2019. Later, I would like to become an asset management advisor thanks to my organizational and my good communication skills as well as my strong palatability for finance and accounting.

The Digital Expedition Month

This digital seminar took place in march 2018 in San Francisco thanks to the Group Inseec U. The Silicon Valley and the digital were at the core of the study program. We've learned many things as for instance the 3D Printing method, the start-up founder story, digital marketing and growth hacking, design thinking, bay area ecosystem and coding. Theses courses were teached by some very knowledgeable profesors. Moreover, we assisted to some conferences given by important entrepreneurship and finance players in San Francisco

Inseec Classes

    Coding 101
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lean Startup
  • Integrated English
  • Bay Area Ecosystem

My interests

  • Photography
  • Traveling
  • Horseriding
  • Sports
  • Swimming

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